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Waterless Fracturing

Eric Tudor, Engineering Mgr., GASFRAC Energy Services Inc.
Author: Eric Tudor

U.S. Shale Oil: Expectation & Experience

Arthur E. Berman, Labyrinth Consulting Services, Inc.
Author: Arthur E. Berman

Practical Geochemical Methods to Assess Unconventional Reservoirs: a case study from the Permian Basin, Texas

The Permian Basin is one of the most prolific petroleum systems in North America. It contains a diverse assemblage of Paleozoic aged source rocks that are currently the target of unconventional tight-oil and shale-gas exploration and development.
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Analyzing Spatial Patterns in Modern Grainstone Accumulations to Increase Their Value as Reservoir Analogs

Given that grainstones constitute major hydrocarbon reservoirs worldwide, including portions of San Andres, Grayburg and Queen reservoirs in the Permian Basin, quantitative morphometric characterization of grainstone deposits is valuable for exploration and production optimization.
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Merging Sequence Stratigraphy and Geomechanics for Unconventional Gas (and Oil) Shales

None of the unconventional gas/oil shales are vertically homogenous. All are stratified at a variety of scales with rocks with different properties.Most of the time, the variations are systematic rather than random and are thus predictable. This is important to ...

Phantom Discoveries and Completions Associated with Residual Oil Zones

The first basinwide study of Residual Oil Zones (ROZ’s) in the upper Guadalupian carbonates of the Permian Basin, supported by the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA), has been initiated. Production from ROZ’s and anecdotal evidence from exploration ...

A Synthesis of the Wolfcampian Platform Carbonate System in the Permian Basin Region

Outline - I. Introduction and Geological Setting; II. Stratigraphy; III. Wolfcampian outcrop in the Hueco Mountains, Diablo Platform, Orogrande Basin; IV. Wolfcampian outcrop in the Sierra Diablo Mountains, Diablo Platform, Delaware Basin; V. Wolfcampian carbonates in the Subsurface of Eastern ...

Mixed Carbonate-Evaporite Systems - Stratigraphy and Economic Importance in Marine and Lacustrine Settings

World class hydrocarbon accumulations occur in many ancient evaporite-related marine and lacustrine basins.

Understanding continental and marine trace fossils to differentiate alluvial, lacustrine, palustrine, eolian, and marine paleoenvironments

Continental trace fossils are useful in both outcrop and core for differentiating between alluvial, lacustrine, and eolian paleoenvironments as well as from marine paleoenvironments.

Anthropogenic Sinkholes in the Delaware Basin Region of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico

A significant minority of sinkholes formed in gypsum bedrock in the Delaware Basin of west Texas and southeastern New Mexico are of human origin.