Cyclic Sedimentation in the Permian Basin, 1st Edition

Cyclic Sedimentation in the Permian Basin, 1st Edition

Table of Contents

Recent and  Ancient Carbonate Cyclic  Sequences- Alan H. Coogan    
Depositional Model of  Late  Paleozoic Cycles on  the  Eastern Shelf- DeWitt C. Van Siclen
Genesis and  Diagenisis of an Imbricated Coral  Reef  Complex:
Pleistocene of Barbados, West Indies- R. K. Matthews
Eustatic Shifts in Sea Level During Deposition of  Late  Paleozoic Sediments
in the  Central United States- Harold   R.  Wanless   
Tectonic Style in the Permian Basin and its Relationship
to Cyclicity- Jack  G. Elam
Tectonic Versus  Eustatic Control of Pennsylvanian Cyclical  Sedimentation in North-Central Texas- Dr.  Dan  E. Feray     
Cyclic and Reciprocal Sedimentation in Virgilian Strata
of SE New Mexico- James Lee  Wilson  
Influence of Local Structure in Sedimentary Cycles of Beeman and Holder
Formations, Sacramento Mountains, Otero County, New  Mexico- James Lee  Wilson
Virgil-Lower Wolfcamp Repetitive Depositional Environments
in North-Central Texas-  L. F. Brown, Jr.    
Cyclic  SanAndres Facies  and Their  Relationship to Diagnesis,
Porosity and  Permeability in the  Reeves- Stewart Chuber & Walter C. Pusey 
Oil Field, Yoakum County, Texas- Stewart Chuber &  Walter C. Pusey   
Guadalupian Depositional Cycles, Delaware Basin and Northwest Shelf-
Alonzo D. Jacka, Carroll  M. Thomas, Ray  H.  Beck,  Karl  W. Williams  and
Stanley C. Harrison  
Semi-Cyclicity in the  Castile  Anhydrite  John Emery  Adams    

Cyclical  Sedimentation in Mid-Permian Strata
of the  Permian Basin -  Fred  F. Meissner 

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