Franklin and Hueco Mountains, Texas, November, 1958

Franklin and Hueco Mountains, Texas, November, 1958



Road Log, First  Day,  El Paso to Hueco Mountains 
Road  Log,  Second  Day,  Franklin Mountains     
Special  Technical Papers Paleontology and Geology of the El Paso Area, From  the  Emory  Survey-Published 1857   

Stratigraphic Section,  Montoya Group  and Fusselman Formation, Franklin Mountains, Texas, By Lloyd  C. Pray                        

The  Pennsylvanian Rocks of the Northern Hueco Mountains By Charles  H. Hardie

Geological History of the Rio Grande Near El Paso, By Frank E. Kottlowski

Ground-Water Resources of the Hueco  Bolson, Northeast of El  Paso,  Texas, By Boyle B. Knowles  and  Richard  A. Kennedy, Compiled  for  the  Guidebook
Juarez  Mountains, By  W.  S. Strain

El  Cerro  de  Muleros, By Theodore A. Small

Oil Exploration in the Area of the Franklin and Hueco Mountains, By  Beaumont  Cooley

Notes on Mineral Resources of the  El Paso Area, By Glen  L. Evans
The  El  Paso  Smelter, By T. J. Woodside  and B. Roberts

El  Paso, A Historical Sketch, By George  B. McBride

Prominent Plants in  and  near  the  Franklin and  Hueco  Mountains of West  Texas, By Walter Ammon  and Thomas F. Newkirk



Western Escarpment of the Hueco
 Mountains Frontispiece
Geographic Index Map
Paleozoic rocks of the Hueco Mountains
Sections of Devonian and Mississippian Rocks – Hueco Mountains
Sections of Carboniferous or Permian Rocks Hueco Mountains
Cross section of east wall of Powwow Canyon showing angular unconformity between Pennsylvanian limestone and Hueco limestone (Wolfcamp)
Tertiary igneous intrusive at Hueco Tanks
Route of the Butterfield Overland Mail
El Paso limestone  -- Bliss sandstone contact
Synclinal structure in the Magdalena formation 
Steeply dipping exposures of Magdalena and Helms north of highway 62
Route of Franklin Mountains trip
Cerro de Muleros (Cero Cristo del Rey) 
View of wet slope of Franklin Mountains from Vinton Canyon road  
Sketch showing relationship sediments in Vinton Canyon
Geological formations in the Franklin Mountains area
Columnar sections and provisional correlation of the El Paso and Beach mountain sections, El Paso and Culberson Counties; Texas
Southern portion of the Franklin range
Composite section across the Franklin Mountains
View of eastern slope of Franklin Mountains from Stop 2
Sketch showing relationship of sediments in McKelligon Canyon
Generalized section at southern end of Franklin Mountains
View of Crazy Cat canyon
Index map of the Franklin Mountains
Index map of the northern Franklin Mountains showing access to the area of the measured sections
Geologic map of a part of the northern Franklin Mountains, showing location of the measured sections of the Montoya group and the Fusselman formation
Graphic section of the Montoya group in the northern Franklin Mountains
Graphic section of the Fusselman formation in the northern Franklin Mountains
The Geology of a part of the Hueco Mountains, Otero County, New Mexico
Physiographic sketch map of the Las Cruces-El Paso area
Pre-Pennsylvanian rocks in mountains west and east of Mesilla Valley
Upper Paleozoic rocks west and east of Mesilla Valley
Contour map of water level in the Hueco Bolson, January, 1954
Contours on base of the fresh-water-bearing sands in the Hueco Bolson
Saturated thickness of fresh-water-bearing deposits in the Hueco Bolson
Aggregate thickness of saturated fresh-water-bearing sand and gravel in the Hueco Bolson
Geologic map of Cerro de Muleros
Index map of oil exploration in the area of the Franklin and Hueco Mountains
Site of fort at El Paso, Texas in 1853
Sketches of prominent plants in and near the Franklin and Hueco Mountains
Geology of Hueco Mountains, El Paso and Hudspeth Counties, Texas

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