Geology of Big Bend Area, Texas November, 1972

Geology of Big Bend Area, Texas November, 1972


Geologic summary of the Big Bend region,.  by.R.  A. Maxwell and J. W. Dietrich  
Geologic time 
Comanchean rocks 
Gulfian rocks
Tertiary rocks 
Tertiary bedded rocks, north  and west  of the  Park 
Surficial deposits 
Intrusive igneous  rocks 
Structure and geologic  history  
Cenozoic  history of the Big Bend area, West Texas, by John  A. Wilson 
Black  Peaks  Formation, Torrejonian and Tiffanian 
Hannold Hill Formation, Wasatchian 
Big Bend Park Group 
Canoe Formation,  Bridgerian 
Chisos  Formation, Uintan 
Unnamed Early  Miocene formation 
Older  gravels  
Pediment gravels 
Summary of datable events  during the Tertiary  
Older  Paleozoic stratigraphy in the Solitario, by James Lee Wilson  
Paleozoic Outcrops  in the  Santiago  Mountains  Northwest  of Persimmon Gap, by Bruce  Pearson and David W. Greenlee  
Regional  Structure  
Local  Structure  
Introduction to road logs,   by William  K. Stenzel  
Marfa--Wire Gap--Solitario log  
To Righthand Shutup  
Solitario to Texas Ranch Road 170  
Marfa--Presidio log  
Presidio--Maverick Ranger  Station  log  
The Terlingua quicksilver district  
Maverick Ranger  station--Panther  Junction log   
Panther Junction--Boquillas Canyon log   
To Cretaceous Section  and San Vicente  
Side trip to Rio Grande Village   
Panther Junction--Basin log  
Chisos Mountains   
The Basin  
Panther Junction--Castolon--Santa Elena  Canyon--Old Route 5--Maverick Ranger  Station  log  
Castolon village  
Santa  Elena  Canyon  
Panther Junction--Persimmon Gap  -Marathon log  
Side trip to Giant Dagger  Exhibit  
Persimmon Gap  
Marathon--Alpine--Marfa log  
Maverick Ranger  Station--Study Butte--Alpine log  
The  National  Parks and Big Bend,  by D. B.  Evans  
Big Bend National  Park   
The Mission  of the National  Park  Service  
Birds of Big Bend National  Park, by J. E.  Galley  
Plant  Life of Big Bend National  Park, by W. L.  Ammon  
Plants of the Rio Grande  Flood  Plain  
Plants of the Desert Scrub  
Plants of the Desert Grasslands  
Plants of the Pinyon-Juniper-Oak Woodlands  
Plants of the Ponderosa Pine-Douglas Fir  Forest Zone  
Selected references  

Table of Contents - 1972  
I.  Geography of the Big Bend region. Route  map with Stops  
II. Stratigraphic diagram, Tertiary volcanic  rocks, Big Bend region  
III. Structural features of Trans-Pecos Texas  and northeastern Mexico  
IV. Section  showing Ordovician facies across  Marathon  folds   
V.  Geologic map of Solitario basin      
VI. Geologic map,  Basin  area  
1.  Geologic formations in the Marathon  region  
2.  Geologic formations in Big Bend National  Park  
3.  Correlation table  for  Cretaceous formations  
4.  Use of formation names  by Udden,  Adkins,  and in 1965 Guidebook 
5. Thickness and zonation  of Eagle  Ford,   Presidio County to Dallas  County,  Texas 
6. Regional correlation of Tertiary formations   
7. Source  of data  presented in the stratigraphic diagram (Pl.  ll)  
8. Chemical  analysis of igneous rocks, Big Bend National  Park   
9. Correlation of fossiliferous Tertiary formations, Big Bend National  Park  and Tierra Vieja  

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