Leveraging Conventional and Unconventional Play Concepts in the Permian Basin-The Value of Stratigraphy and Technology

Leveraging Conventional and Unconventional Play Concepts in the Permian Basin-The Value of Stratigraphy and Technology

WTGS Pub. No. 10-123

Mohamed O. Abouelresh and Roger M. Slatt- “High Frequency Sequence Stratigraphy and Litho facies of the Barnett Shale, Fort Worth Basin, Texas, USA”

G.B. Asquith- “A New Method for Determingin Volume of Clay (Vcl) and Effective Porosity using Simultaneous Equations with Bulk Density and Neutron Porosity Data”

G.B. Asquith- “Devonian Woodford in Oklahoma: Log Analysis and OGIP Determination in a Gas-Bearing Shale Using Standard Logging Suite”

Ronald F. Broadhead- “Mississippian Carboantes of Southeastern New Mexico: Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characteristics of a Unite Between Two Shales”

Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Manfurt- “Using Seismic Attributes to Delineate Fractures”

Kit Clemons- “Fracture Stratigraphy, Mechanical Stratigraphy Evolution and the Implications for Fluid Migration in Tight Reservoirs”

Ken Dickerman, Don A. Edwards, and John Coss- “Producing Intervals of the Wolfberry in Eastern Reagan Co., TX”

Milton B. Enderlin and Helge Alseleben- “One Method for Evaluating the Effects of Stresses and Rock strength on Fluid Flow along the Surfaces of Mechanical Discontinuities in Low Permeability Rocks”

Milton B. Enderlin and Mike Mullen-“ Is That Frac Job Really Breaking New Rock? Or Just Pumping Down a Pre-existing Plane of Weakness: The Integration of Geomechanics and Hydraulic Fracture Diagnosis”

Nicole S. Garber and John A. Breyer- “Origin and Distribution of Reservoir Facies in the Shattuck Member (Queen Formation, Permian), Maljamar Field, Lea County, New Mexico”

Don L. Hall and S. Michael Sterner- “Advanced Mud Gas Analysis with Direct Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry”

William Haskett and P. Jeffrey Brown- “Pitfalls in the Evaluation of Unconventional Resources”

Kenneth A. Heslop- “Estimation of TOC Using GR & Rt Well Logs”

Jonathan Lightfoot- “Near Bit Azimuthal Gamma Ray Logging While Drilling Motor (LWDM) Technology Development and Case Study”

H.S. Nance- “(Wolfcampian/Leonardian) Bone Spring Slope and Basin-Floor Mudrock Facies, Delaware Basin”

Sergio R. Ojeda, Seiichi Nagihara, and Peter Holterhoff- “Integrating Three Dimensional Laser Scanning and DGPS Technologies for Precise Outcrop Mapping: A High Precicion Model of the Lower Grayburg Formation, Last Chance Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico”

David M. Orchard and Beverly Blakeney DeJarnett- “Perserving an Invaluable Geoscience Resource: National, State, and Professional Association Programs to Exploration and Development”

Eric Potter- “U.S. Resource Plays- How Much, How Fast, How Diverse, What Technologies?

Stephen C. Ruppel- “The Leonard Carbonate Platform System in the Permian Basin: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”

Emily L. Stoudt and Toyly Abdullayev- “New Information from Cores Provides Updates to Knowledge of the Ellenburger Group in Central Texas and Comparisons With Productive West Texas Ellenburger Deposits”

Stephen Trammel and Philip H. Stark- “Recovery is Under Way: Implications for Permian Basin Unconventional Plays in 2010”

Willis Tyrrel, Gorden Bell, and Al Smith- “Relationship of Three Lower Guadalupian (Roadian) Subsurface Markers in the Northern Delaware Basin, New Mexico to Outcrops in the Southern Guadalupe Mountians, Texas”

Mihai A. Vasilache- “Fast and Economic Gas Isotherm Measurements using Small Shale Samples”

Doug Walser- “The Impact of Induced Fracture Surface Area on Production in the Avalon Shale when Thermal Maturity is Marginal”

Bruce Warren- “Direct Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers While Drilling: Data Use and Analysis”

Jesse G. White and Fred H. Behnken- “Waking the Giant: A Modern Evolving Study of the Yates Field Unit from a Sequence Stratigraphic, Diagenetic, and Karst Processes Perspective”

Mark Wood, Bas Schipper, Kirby McAdams, and Trevor Whalen- “LIQUID TRAPPER An Innovative Tool to Sample Core and Fluids”

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