Marathon Basin, Brewster and Pecos Cos. May, 1952

Marathon Basin, Brewster and Pecos Cos. May, 1952


Road Log, Friday, May 23, 1952; Alpine, Black Peak, Fort Pe a, Marathon 

Road Log, Saturday, May 24, 1952; Marathon, Haymond,Gap Tank,Sierra Madera

Optional Road Log; Marathon to Big Bend National Park   
Diagrams Showing Regional Setting 
Cambrian and Ordovician Faunas from the Marathon Basin, by James Lee Wilson 
Conodonts from the Caballos Novaculite, by Roy W. Graves, Jr
Geology of the Fort Pena Area, Brewster County, Texas, by David Amsbury, William M. Barnes, Alton Ferrell,Von Rhea Frierson, John D. Harris, and Ronald Miller
Geologic Section in Phillips Petroleum Company's Elsinore Cattle Company No. 1 by by Addison Young


1- Structural features of trans-Pecos region
2- Late Paleozoic tectonic features in south-central United States
3- Structural map of Marathon region, with route of trip
4-  Altuda Mountain from the northeast
5- Classification for Guadalupe and Ochoa series in  Glass Mountains 
6-  Block diagram of Marathon region
7- Structure and stratigraphy of Haymond beds in northern Payne Hills 
8- Geologic formations in Marathon region 
9- Cross section southeast from Dugout Mountain
l0-­ Dugout Mountain from southeast at Stop 1
ll- Southwest part of Dugout Mountain at Stop 2  
12- Stratigraphic sections of Comanche series in Marathon Basin
13- Structure section across southern part of Payne Hills
14- Structure section of Black Peak, Stop 3
15- Section along north bank of Alsate Creek at Stop 5
16- Crumpled upper Marathon limestone and shale at Alsate Creek
17- Fort Pena formation at Alsate Creek
18- Structure section of anticline with boulders in Woods Hollow shale
19- Section across ridge at Fort Pea picnic grounds 
20-Ripple marks in Caballos novaculite  
21- View from hill at Stop 8
22- Thin sections of Wolfcamp fusulinids from Stop 8
23- Map of Marathon Basin
24- Block diagrams of Horse Mountain. E a s t Bourland Mountain and Granger anticline
25- Stratigraphic sections of Pennsylvanian rocks in Marathon Basin
26- Thin sections of Tesnus sandstone, Dimple limestone,and Haymond sandstone
27- Dimple limestone at Stop 10  
28- Housetop Mountain, showing angular unconformity
29- Section through Housetop Mountain and boulder beds
30- Structure sections of boulder bed member near Housetop Mountain
31-Erratic boulder in Haymond formation at Stop 11  
32- Thin section of mudstone matrix of boulder bed
33- Sections of Tesnus, Dimple, Haymond, and Gaptank in northern Marathon Basin
34- Block diagram of northern Marathon Basin  
35- Map of the Gap Tank area
36- View of Gap Tank locality
37- Cross section extending east-southeast from Gap Tank
38- Stratigraphic diagram from Sierra Madera into Marathon Basin, showing overlaps of Comanche series
39- Map and sections of Sierra Madera  
40- View of Sierra Madera from northwest
41- Sketch of East Bourlana Mountain 
42- Block diagram of Ridge Spring and Garden Springs area 
43- Section through Threemile Hill
44- Map and structure sections of Tinaja Range 0
45- Map and cross section of Persimmon Gap area
46- North-south cross section from Marathon Basin to south edge of Central Basin platform
47- Section showing hypothetical Ordovician paleo­geography 
48- Paleogeography of Woodford formation and equivalents

49- Schematic stratigraphic diagram from Marathon Basin to Hueco Mountains

50- Diagram showing estimates of crustal shortening in Marathon Basin

51- Block diagrams showing hypothetical progressive development of structural features in Marathon region

52- Map showing metamorphism in Ouachita facies in central Texas

53- Areal geology and topography of Ft. Pena area 

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