Paleozoic and Mesozoic Rocks, Chihuahua Area, Mexicio, October, 1964

Paleozoic and Mesozoic Rocks, Chihuahua Area, Mexicio, October, 1964

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Generalized Stratigraphic Column
Mesozoic Stratigraphic  Column

Field Trip Route  Map,  Midland   to Chihuahua
Field Trip Route  Map,  Chihuahua Area
Field Trip Committee
Correlation Chart


Midland, Texas--Ojinaga,   Chihuahua
Ojinaga- -Chihuahua City
Road  and  Trail Log,   First Day
Road  Log Chihuahua City-- Placer de  Guadalupe
Optional Side  Trip,  Aldama to the  Paleozoic Outcrops of Sierra del  Cuervo
Sierra del  Soldado Section
Optional Road  Log,   Juarez to Chihuahua


Stratigraphy of Mina  Plomosas--Placer de  Guadalupe Area... Luther W.  (Dan)  Bridges
Structure of Mina  Plomosas--Placer de  Guadalupe Area .. Luther W.  (Dan)  Bridges
Geologic  History of Mina  Plomosas--Placer de  Guadalupe Area .. L.  W.  (Dan) Bridges
Lithology and Stratigraphic Correlation of the  Upper   Paleozoic in  the Region  of Palomas,  Chihuahua ... Teodoro Diaz  and  Arsenio Navarro G
Paleozoic High Inferred from Conglomerate Outcrops Composed of Precambrian Metasediments in Northeastern  Chihuahua, Mexico  (A  Progress Report) Luther W.  (Dan)  Bridges
Regional Speculations in Northern  Mexico  ... Luther W.  (Dan)  Bridges
Fusulinids of the  Placer de  Guadalupe--Cerro de  Enmedio Areas Chihuahua, Mexico . G.  A.  Sanderson and  P.  Fickman 
Devonian Brachiopods from the  Mina  Plomosas--Placer de  Guadalupe Area Chihuahua,  Mexico,   and  their  Paleogeographic Significance A.  J. Boucot  and  J. G.  Johnson
Some  Regional Relationships,   Trans-Pecos Texas and  Northeastern  Chihuahua Bruce Pearson 
Geologic   Setting of Ore  Deposits in the  State  of Chihuahua,  Mexico Carlos Garcia Gutierrez and  Luis Garcia Gutierrez
History  of Geologic  Exploration in Chihuahua .... Ronald  K.  DeFord
Estado Chihuahua, Its Places and Its   People  .... E.  J. Foley  
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Geologic Setting of Ore  Deposits
Reconnaissance Geologic  Map Mina  Plomosas-- Placer de  Guadalupe Area Chihuahua,  Mexico

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