Pre-Permain rocks of Trans-Pecos area, Texas and southern New Mexico, November 1949

Pre-Permain rocks of Trans-Pecos area, Texas and southern New Mexico, November 1949

First Day, November 6,  1949   
Pre- Permian  rocks  of  the Marathon uplifit  
Road Log, Alpine to. Van Horn,  November 6,1949   
Dimple limestone    
Boulder-bed  member  of  Haymond formation   
Geological features of  Fort  Pena picnic  grounds   
Cambrian and Ordovician rocks   
Second Day November 7,1949   
Geology of the  Van Horn uplift   
Road Log, Van Horn to El Paso,  November 7, 1949   
Geology of  the  Beach Mountain area    
The Carrizo Mountain schist    
The Allamoore  limestone and Hazel sandstone   
Intrusives of  the Diablo  Plateau   
 Geology of the  Pump Station Hill   
Pre-Permian  rocks  of  the Hueco'Mountains     
Third  Day, November 8, 1949    
Road  Log, El Paso, Texas,  to Alamogordo, New  Mexico   
Fourth Day, November 9, 1949   
Road  Log, Alamogordo, New Mexico, to El Paso, Texas   
Fresnal Group   
Main Fault Zone   
Notes on Abo Mineralization   
Courtney Mine   
Caballero Canyon anticline   
Fresnal Group type section    
Selected Bibliographies   
Marathon Basin   
Van Horn uplift   
Pre-Permian rocks  of Hueco Mountains   
Franklin and 'Sacramento Mountains   

1- Index map showing route of trip    
2- Generalized structural map of area of pre-Permian rocks in Marathon Basin    
3- Sections showing relations between pre-Permian and Permian rocks along north side of Marathon Basin   
4- View of Housetop Mountain from south, showing angular unconformities between Tesnus formation of Pennsylvanian age, and lower Cretaceous   
5- Structure section through Housetop Mountain to show relations of Cretaceous to Pennsylvanian   
6- Section through boulder-bed member of H aymond formation at stop   
7- Section of Maravillas-Caballos ridge east of the picnic grounds south of old Fort Pefia, Colorada   
8- Section in bed of Alsate Creek, 6 miles southwest of Marathon, showing sequence and structure of Ordovician rocks   
9- Geologic map of part of the Van Horn uplift, showing dis­tribution of pre-cambrian  and early Ordovician rocks   
10- Columnar sections and provisional correlations of the El Paso and Beach Mountain sections, El Paso and Culberson Counties, Texas   
11- Geologic map of a part of Hueco Mountains, El Paso and Hudspeth Counties, Texas   
12- Section at south end of Sierra Diablo west of Beach Mountain showing truncation of a syncline of Van Horn sandstone by Hueco (Permian) limestone   
13- Section of Baylor Mountains and eastern scarp of Sierra Diablo to show truncation westward of  the pre­Permian formations    
14- View &  section at south end of Baylor Mountains showing overlap of Hueco limestone (dolomite and conglomerate of Permian age)on Van Horn saftdstone, Bliss sandstone, and El  Faso  limestone   
15- Section across Carrizo Mountain schist in Carrizo Mountains along line of U.S.Highway 80 as traversed by excursion   
16- Sections through Millican Hills,approximately parallel to route of excursion, showing complex structure   
17- Section about 3 miles west of Stop 6, showing Cox Mountain fault and the El Paso limestone upfaulted against it on the north   
18- Sections showing structure of Tertiaxy intrusives in the Diablo Plateau area   
19- Geologic map  of a portion of the Hueco Mountains, El Paso and Hudspeth Counties, Texas   
20- Section across Hueco Mountains about two miles north of route of excursion   
21- Cross-section of east wall of  Powwow Caqyon,showing angular unconformity between Pennsylvanian limestone and Hueco limestone (Wolfcamp)   
22- Composite section across the Franklin Mountains to show relationships seen on scenic drive and in McKelligon canyon   
23- Composite columnar section,Sacramento Mountains, Otero County   
24- View of the bioherm  north  of San Andres Canyon   
25- Geological map of a portion of Sacramento Mountains, Otero County, New Mexico    
26 - Columnar section at the type local of the Caballero formation and of 3 of the 6 members of the Lake Valley, formation.   
27- North-south cross section of  the Alamo Canyon-Deadman Canyon Area   
28- East-west cross section along New Mexico Highway 83 from east edge of Tularosa Basin to-High Rolls
29- East-west cross section through Alamo Peak from Alamogordo to West Side Road    
30- East-west cross section through Four Bits Peak from base of  western Escarpment to West Side Road.  
31- Section in La Luz  Caqyon   

1 - Pre-Permian geologic formations in Marathon Basin   
2 - Pre-Permian formations of the Van Horn uplift   
3 - Pre-Permian formations of the Hueco Mountains   
4 - Correlation of pre-Permian formations along route of trip  


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