West Texas Geological Society
Publication #06 -117
Resource Plays in the Permian Basin:  Resource to Reserves
Edited by Michael A. Raines
2006 Fall Symposium
October 25 -27, 2006

Section One: Technical Papers
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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Technical Papers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
George B. Asquith - Modeling the DEW Plot [Rt/Rw versus Rxo/Rmf] in
Vuggy Reservoirs Using the Maxwell-Garnett Equation and the Lucia
(1995) Petrophysical Classes
Mark Beach - Critical Reservoir Property Data for Shale Gas Exploration
Daniel Benedict - Ongoing Research in the Area of Tight Gas Sands: The
FAST Consortium
Tom Bratton - New Wireline Sonic Technology for all Disciplines
Ronald F. Broadhead - Mississippian Strata of Southeastern New Mexico:
Distribution, Structure and Hydrocarbon Plays
Eric D. Carlson and Tim E. Ruble - Devonian Oil and Gas Source in NW
Paraguay San Alfredo Group Shales
Robert M Cluff - Barnett Shale-Woodford Shale Play of the Delaware Basin – Is it Another Giant Shale Gas Field in Texas?
Richard B. Coffin - Methane Hydrate Exploration: A Geochemical Focus
Coupled with Geophysical Site Surveys
Daniel R. Cook - Separating Gas Reefs from Water Reefs in 3D Seismic
Carbonate Plays of the Permian Basin
Daniel R. Cook and John M. Warn - Contrast Enhancement of 3D Seismic in the Rockies to Separate Sand from No-Sand
David J. Entzminger, Mark Sonnenfeld, Lyn Canter, Steve Gardner, and Gary
Nordlander - What Do You Do, when Asked to Squeeze More Oil Out
of an Old Field, Keystone, South Field, Winkler County, Texas
Juan-Mauricio Florez-Nino - Rock Physics Diagnostics of Siliciclastic Deposits
Brian Fuller and Marc Sterling - Reservoir Imaging with 3D VSP Shear Wave Data
Beatriz Garcia-Fresca and F. Jerry Lucia - Outcrop and Subsurface
Comparison of Lithology Distributions in the Permian San Andres
Formation-Implications for a Dolomitization Model
Chad Hartman - Recent Issues Associated With The Determination Of the Sorbed Phase Storage Capacity In Shales - Assessing the Viability of
Shale Gas Plays
Peter Holterhoff - Evolving Depositional Sequences of the Cisco and Albany Groups, Eastern Shelf, Midland Basin: Icehouse vs. Transitional
Greenhouse Architectures and Implication for Reservoir
John C. Horne - Conventional Wisdom and Unconventional Plays
Daniel M. Jarvie - Exploring for and Producing Shale Gas: Application of
Detailed Geochemical Data in Ascertaining Prospectivity and
Charles Kerans - Play Types and Production Characteristics of San Andres
Reservoirs – The Original Permian Basin Resource Play
Rick Lewis - Evaluation of Gas Shale Reservoirs
Heloise B. Lynn and Walter S. Lynn - Azimuthal Variations in Reflection
Seismic Data: Measurements Governed by the In-Situ Horizontal Stress Field and/or Vertical Aligned Fractures
Greg Meszaros and Paul Boonen - LWD Geosteering and Natural Fracture
Identification in Horizontal Wells in Unconventional Reservoirs
Dr. Jennifer L. Miskimins - Unconventional Versus Conventional Reservoir Stimulation: What Are the Differences and the Challenges?
Seiichi Nagihara - Dust, Wind and Fire – Monitoring Natural Hazards on the Southern High Plains with MODIS Satellites
James Page - Results of Propellant Fracturing in a Colton Sandstone Block
Mark Pawlewicz - 1-D Burial History Modeling in the Permian Basin,
Southeastern New Mexico and Western Texas
Ted Playton and Charles Kerans - Latest Wolfcampian Tectonism as a Control on Early Leonardian Carbonate Slope Channel Complexes, Victorio Flexure, West Texas
Scott R. Reeves (Presented by Reinaldo Gonzalez) - Probabilistic Reservoir Performance Forecasting for Unconventional Gas Reservoirs
Stephen C. Ruppel, Robert G. Loucks, Jeffrey Kane, and Wayne Wright
Depositional History and Stratigraphy of the Barnett Shale in the Fort
Worth Basin: Implications for the Permian Basin
Sam Z. Scott and Charles Kerans - Outcrop-Constrained Characterization of
Along-Strike Variability in San Andres Formation Clinoforms: Last
Chance Canyon, New Mexico
Jake Sharp - Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Phylloid Algal Mound Reservoirs, Southeastern New Mexico
Mark D. Sonnenfeld, Cynthia E. Black, K. Lyn Canter, David J. Entzminger,
Stephen P. Gardner, David T. Greene, J. Stephen Harrell and Sue T. Reid -
Development History and Reservoir Characterization of the “Would
Have Limestone:” A Leonardian Toe-of-Slope Debris Flow Complex
Mark Tomasso, Florence L. Bonnaffé, David R. Pyles, Renaud Bouroullec, and
David C. Jennette - Outcrop versus Seismic Architecture of Deep-
Water Deposits: A Comparison Along a Slope-to-Basin Transect of the Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas
Bob Trentham - The Delaware Mountain Group in the Sheffield Channel as a Target for CO2 Sequestration, Pecos County, Texas
Willis W. Tyrrell, Jr., Alvin H. Smith, John A. Diemer, and Gorden L. Bell, Jr. - Can Cisuralian Series (Leonardian and Wolfcampian) Boundaries be
Mapped Regionally in the Northern Delaware Basin Area, New Mexico and West Texas?
Willis W. Tyrrell, Jr., Alvin H. Smith, John A. Diemer, and Gorden L. Bell, Jr. - Operational Wireline Log-Defined Cisuralian (Leonardian –
Wolfcampian) Boundaries in the Northern Delaware Basin Area, New Mexico and West Texas
Mike Uland, James Gilman, and Hai-Zui Meng – Reservoir Characterization and Production Modeling
Doug Walser - Induced Fracture Azimuth and Stimulated Network Size
Determination in West Texas Barnett and Woodford Shale Wildcatting
Patrick Walsh - Petroleum Resources of the Lower Brushy Canyon, Secretary of the Interior’s Potash Area, Southeast New Mexico
Standalone TIFF file – Garcia-Fresca and Lucia Plate # 1
Section Two – Presentations (in a Separate File with its own Table of Contents)
Section Three – Posters (in a Separate File with its own Table of Contents)

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