In Search  of the Subtle  Trap-Exploration Philosophy,  Methodology  and Considerations with Selected Examples
Robert  G. Font 

Selecting Exploration Targets
Henry W. Dejong

Development of an Exploration Strategy
Lee G. Gerhard  

Paleo Structure: Treasure  Map to the Subtle Trap
Wayne M. Ahr

Finding  Hydrocarbons in Fault Traps
Marian W. Downey

Peterson  and South  Peterson  Fields, Roosevelt  Positive, Roosevelt  County,  New Mexico
W. R. Green and J. C. Schlueter

Mescalero  Escarpe  Field, Oil from Carbonate  Slope  Detritus,  Southeastern New Mexico
A. H. Saller, J. W. Barton  and R. E. Barton 

New Exploration Targets in Northern  Midland  Basin: Depositional and Diagenetic History  of the West Smyer  Field, Hockley County, Texas
A. F. Griffin and J. A. Breyer

Lower Middle  Pennsylvanian  Gobbler  Formation: Using Cyclicity in Shelf Carbonate  to Unravel Basin History
Thomas  Algeo 

High Resolution  Seismic and the Search for the Subtle  Trap
James  A. Wells

Seismic Recognition  Criteria  of Submarine  Fans
R. D. Erskine and  H. W. Posamentier

Seismic Modeling of a Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Prograded  System, Middle Permian, Permian  Basin
D. G. Harris  and J. F. Sarg

Radiometric, Magnetic  and  Hydrocarbon Anomalies: Alabama  Ferry  Field, Leon and  Houston  Counties, Texas
Donald  F. Saunders, K. Ray Burson, J. F. Branch and  C. Keith Thompson

Application  of Satellite  Imagery Anaylsis to Exploration of Oil > Gas Reservoirs  -  USA

Correlation  and  Facies Analysis in Exploration for the Subtle  Trap  with the Siluro-Devonian of the Anadarko,  Arkoma  and Permian  Basins
James  Lee Wilson, Zuhair  Al-Shaieb and Richard  D. Fritz  

Subtle Traps  in Ordovician  to Permian  Carbonate  Petroleum  Reservoirs, Permian  Basin: An Overview
S. J. Mazzullo 

Seismic and  Landsat  in a Wrench Faulting  System
G. Pat Bolden

Hidden Structures in the Permian  Basin
Jack  G. Elam 

Paleozoic  Framework  of the Gulf of Mexico
M. L. Feldman

The California-Tamaulipas Geosuture:  A Review of Some Facts,  Interpretations and Speculations
Grover E. Murray

East Taft Field, San Patricio  County,  Texas: A Subtle Stratigraphic Trap-Implications for Exploration  in a Supermature  Province
R. R. Railsback 

Environment  of Deposition  and  Reservoir  Morphology  of Lower Pennsylvanian  Morrowan
Sandstones,  South  Empire  Field, Eddy County,  New Mexico
Rebecca  B. Lambert 

The Occurrence  of Uranium  as Related  to the Diagenesis of Morrow  Sandstones, Empire South  Field, Eddy County,  New Mexico
Miles Denham,  M. H. Niemann  and T. T. Tieh

Upper Morrowan "B" Sandstone  Reservoir,  Flank  Field, Baca County,  Colorado
Dudley  W. Bolyard 

Porosity  Development  in Sandstones  Beneath Erosional  Unconformities
G. Shanmugam 

The Lower Morrow  Sands  and their Seismic Expression,  Western  Anadarko  Basin
Jens Halverson  and Don  Robinson

Depositional History  and  Performance of a Bell Canyon  Sandstone Reservoir, Ford-Geraldine Field, West Texas
Robert  W. Ruggiero 

Delineation  of Oil and Gas Fields Using CSAMT:  A New Tool for Exploratory and Developmental Drilling
A. Ostrander

Reservoir  Heterogeneity:  A Cause of Pessimistic Well Log Evaluations of Subtle Traps
R. D.  Nurmi


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