Selected Oil & Gas Fields of West Texas, Vol. VII

Selected Oil & Gas Fields of West Texas, Vol. VII

Table of Contents


WTGS Officers, Director, and Oil & Gas Field Committee

Index Map of Oil and Gas Fields in Volume VII

Stratigraphic Column of West Texas and Southern New Mexico

Special Papers “State of the Petroluem Industry 1996”, 3-D Seismic, and CO2

Field Papers

Index of Oil and Gas Fields by Field Name

Index of Oil and Gas Fields by County

Index of Oil and Gas Fields by Formation


Adamc, Devonian, Yipp, Upton County

Agarita, King Sand, Rathjen, Concho County

Arlene, San Andres/Glorieta, Ali, Garza County

Big Lake, Grayburg, Curran, Reagan County

Cowden South, Grayburg, Ruppel & Lucia, Ector County

Ford West, Cherry Canyon, Cole, Culberson County

Ford-Geraldine, Bell Canyon, Colem Culberson & Reeves County

Goldsmith, San Andres, Ingram, Ector County

Goldsmith, 5600 Clear Fork, Ingram, Ector County

Howard-Glasscock, Wolfcamp, Young, Howard County

Kelly Snyder, Sacro Unit, Cisco/Canyon, Wingate, Scurry County

Kingdom, Abo, Frank, Terry & Hockley County

Lowe, Mississippian, Dull, Andrews County

Lowe, Silurian, Dull, Andrews County

Lowe, Ellenburger, Dull, Andrews County

Magnolia-Sealy, Yates, Ali, Ward County

Mak, Gin Sandm Ali, Martin County

North Robertson Unit, Clear Fork, Kamis, Gaines County

North Leveland, San Andres, Goon, Cochran & Hockley County

Pardue and West Pardue, Ellenburger, Martin, Fisher County

Parker, Grayburg/San Andres, Smith & Linsey, Andrews County

PHD, San Andres, McCarty, Garza & Lynn County

PHD, Glorieta, McCarty, Garza & Lynn County

Reeves, San Andres, Strong, Yoakum County

Slaughter, Sundown Unit, San Andres, Gibbs & Guillot, Hockley County

Spencer, Yates, Ali, Ward County

Walker, Queen, Ali, Pecos County

Wasson, Denver Unit, San Andres, Ward & Cooper, Yoakum County

Welch, San Andres, Hinterlong, Dawson, Gaines & Lynn County

West Pardue, Swastika, Martin, Fisher County

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