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Lower Paleozoic

1)  Heluma and King Mountain Fields: Back-Thrusted Structures, Upton County, Texas
John M. Thrmelle

2)  Influence of Structural Evolution on Reservoir Development and Distribution in the Silurian Fusselman; Vermejo-Moore Hooper Field, Loving and Ward Counties, Texas
William M. Colleary, John R. Hulme and James W. Crafton 

3) Significance of Reservoir Zonation in Silurian (Fusselman and Wristen) Carbonates, Wells Field, Dawson County, Texas
Louis J. Mazzullo

4)  Mid-Max Field, A Piece of the Siluro-Devonian Exploration Puzzle
Eduardo Gonzales, David J. Entzminger and William L. Basham

Upper Paleozoic

5)  Perriwinkle - Perriwinkle North Fields, Martin County, Texas: A Cisco-Canyon Lowstand Reef Complex
Don C. Mozynski and A.M.  Reid 

6)  Geological Development of the Lonesome Dove II King Sand (Cisco) Field, Concho County, Texas
David H. Powers and George H. Watters

7)  Petrography and Log Analysis of the Zan Zan Middle "Canyon" Sandstone, Eastern Irion County, Texas
Philip Whitsitt

8) Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper and Middle "Canyon" Oil and Gas Fields in Eastern Irion County, Texas: and the Potential for Future Exploration
Philip Whitsitt

9)  Geologic Model of San Andres Reservoir, Roberts Unit C02 Phase III Area, Wasson Field, Yoakum County, Texas
James V. Bent, Jr.

10) Permeability Estimation Using a Neural Network: A Case Study from the Roberts Unit, Wasson Field, Yoakum County Texas
Debra A. Osborne 
11)  Role of Sequence Stratigraphy in Reservoir Characteristics and Solving Waterflood Production Problems, Grayburg Formation (Permian-Guadalupian), Eunice Monument South Unit and Arrowhead Grayburg Unit, Lea County, New Mexico
Robert F. Lindsay, Richard H. Jones, Charles M. Keefer and Dennis L. Hendrix (Expanded Abstract) 

12) Porosity Calibration of Modern Porosity Logs and Old Neutron Logs, Mabee Field, Andrews and Martin Counties, Texas
Dennis  W.  Dull

Delaware Basin

13) Chlorites  in Reservoir Sandstones of the Guadalupian  Delaware Mountain Group Suzette Walling, Phillip D. Hays and Thomas  T. Tieh

14) Organic Geochemistry  and Diagenesis of the Delaware Mountain Group West Texas and Southeast New Mexico
Phillip D. Hays and Thomas T. Tieh

15) Controls on Dolomitization  in the Reef Facies of the Capitan
Leslie A. Melim and Peter A Scholle 

West Texas - Eastern New Mexico Area

16)  Evaporite Geometries  and Diagenetic Traps, Lower San Andres,  Northwest Shelf,  New Mexico
David R. Keller 

17)  Microfacies Analysis of the Rio Bonito Member  (Leonardian-Guadalupian)  of the San Andres Formation in the Southern  Sacramento Mountains,  Otero County, New Mexico
Chris  F. Whitman  and R.E.  Clemons

18)  Triassic Stratigraphy  and Correlation,  West Texas and Eastern  New Mexico
Spencer  G. Lucas and Orin J. Anderson 

Val Verde Basin

19)  Stratigraphy and Diagensis of Sonora Canyon Deep-Water Sandstones,  Val Verde Basin, Southwest Texas
H. Scott Hamlin,  Sigrid J. Clift and Shirley P. Dutton

Ft.  Worth  Basin

20)  Depositional Environments, Petrology and Fractures  of the Atoka Davis Sandstone: A Low Permeability Gas-Bearing Sandstone of the Ft.  Worth Basin,  North-Central,  Texas
Edward W. Collins,  Stephen E.  Laubach,  Shirley P.  Dutton and Robin E. Hill 

Anadarko Basin

21)  Low Permeability, Gas-Bearing  Cleveland Formation  (Upper  Pennsylvanian), Western Anadarko Basin: Structure,  Paleoenvironments  and Paleotectonic Control on Depositional  Patterns
Thcker F. Hentz 



22) The Reality of the 3-D World
Jack G. Elam

23) Developing and Extending Oil and Gas Fields Without Use of Computers, Remote Sensing, Seismic and Non-Conventional Methods
Charles  E. Mear 

Permian Basin

24) Comparison  of Permian Basin Giant Oil Fields With Giant Oil Fields of Other  U.S. Productive  Areas
Frederick  R. Haeberle 

25) What Happened  in the Permian Basin in the 1980's?
Christopher  J. Lewis

26) Close Inftll Drilling  Through  Mine Access Allows Enhanced  Recovery
Maynard F. Ayler...(Expanded  Abstract)

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Speaker Abstracts 


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