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Permian  Basin Geologic  Column
Technical Papers

Identifying Bypassed Pay in the Fusselman and Montoya Reservoirs of the Dollarhide Field, Andrews County, Texas
Brian C. Ball

Montoya Conventional Core Description, Depositional Lithofacies, Diagenesis and Thin Section Petrography from the Pure Resources, Inc., Dollarhide Unit 25-2-S, Andrews County, Texas
Fred H  Behnken

Upper Ordovician  Montoya Sequence Stratigraphy and Chert Porosity in Southeastern Delaware Basin
David M  Thomas III and Huaibo Liu

Lower Leonardian (Clear Fork- Abo) Reservoir Architecture: Insights from Outcrops  and Fullerton  Field, West Texas
Stephen C. Ruppel

Better than a Porosity Cutoff: The Rock-Fabric Approach  to Understanding Porosity and Permeability in the Lower Clear Fork and Wichita Reservoirs, Fullerton  Field, West Texas
Rebecca H  Jones, F. Jerry Lucia, Stephen C. Ruppel, & Jeffrey A. Kane

Reconditioning Seismic Data for Improved  Reservoir Characterization, Lower Clear Fork and Wichita, Fullerton  Field, West Texas
Hongliu Zeng, Stephen C. Ruppel, and Rebecca H  Jones

Impact of Paleostructure on Guadalupian Age Clastic Sediment Distribution  in the Midland Basin, Central  Basin Platform  and Eastern  Delaware Basin.
Robert C. Trentham

Relationship of Two Widespread  Guadalupian Subsurface  Marker Units (Bowers Sand and Two Finger Limestone) to Outcrop-Defined  Sequences in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and West Texas
Willis W. Tyrrell and John A. Diemer

Stratigraphic and Lithologic Zonation in the East Cowden Grayburg Unit, Ector County, Texas: Potential for Horizontal Redevelopment of a Mature Waterflood?
Lee M  Petersen and RobertS. Jacobs

Effects of Seismic Reprocessing on Selected Seismic Attributes: A Case Study in The Permian  Basin
Joel Anthony T  Famini, Kurt J Maifurt, &  Charlotte Sullivan

Subtle, Bypass Carbonate Pay
Dan Hartmann

Tectonic Deformation  of a Late Wolfcampian Carbonate Ramp
Ted Playton

Wolfcamp Stratigraphic Objectives in the Permian  Basin: A Case Study From Pecos County, Texas
Philip H. Carlisle

Mesozoic-Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution And Petroleum  Generation In The Delaware Basin And Vicinity, West Texas And New Mexico
Alton A. Brown

New Attributes Illuminate Old Structures on the Central Basin Platform
Charles H. Blumentritt, Kurt J Marfurt, and E. Charlotte Sullivan

Reservoir Characteristics of Devonian Cherts and their Control on Oil Recovery: Dollarhide Field, West Texas
Art Saller

Limits to Seismic Resolution of Stratigraphic Features - Applications to the Devonian Thirtyone  Formation, Central  Basin Platform
Charles H. Blumentritt, E. Charlotte Sullivan, and Kurt J  Marfurt

Comparison  of Horizontal Versus Vertical Completion Technologies: Thirtyone Formation  (Lower Devonian) Production  Along The Big Lake Fault System, Upton County, Texas
James E. Geitgey and Brian K. Luginbill

Fracture characterization study of a carbonate reservoir using electrical borehole image logs and full core analysis
Katherine Shaw and Hedi BenTahar

Understanding the Development of Breccias and Fractures in Ordovician Carbonate Reservoirs
Robert G. Loucks

Borehole Imaging in The Permian Basin
Lee Sanders and Kevan Fuchs

Estimation  of Interparticle and Separate-Vug Porosities from Resistivity and Total­ Porosity Logs
Jeffrey A. Kane

Petroleum  Potential of the Sin Nombre Area, East-Central New Mexico
Ronald F. Broadhead

Automating Basic Exploration  Processes using an Expert System: Applications to the Delaware Basin
R. S. Balch, T. Ruan, and S. Schrader

Preserving  and Applying Expert Knowledge: A Case Study for the Brushy Canyon Formation of the Delaware Basin
S. M  Schrader, R. S. Balch and T. Ruan

Current Perspectives of Natural Gas Resources in the World, the United States, and the Permian Basin
Eugene M  Kim

Flow-Unit Scale Dynamic Stratigraphy in Canyon Sandstone Sequences, Sonora Field, Sutton County, Texas
Stephen Shaw and Peter H. Lujholm

Reef Heterogeneity as Seen by Wireline and Cross-well Seismic in the Pennsylvanian SACROC Unit, Scurry County, Texas
Michael A. Raines

Depositional Environments of the Morrow Formation  in the Osudo Field, Lea County, New Mexico
April Denise Coker

Application of the Global Expansion and Contraction Cycle Hypothesis as the Controlling  Process for Cycles of High and Low Stillstand of Sea Level Deposition in the Delaware Mountain Group  of Texas and New Mexico.
Ronald E. Young

Empirical Testing of the Water Depths of Transportation and Deposition for The Permian  (Guadalupian) Delaware Mountain  Group in West Texas and New Mexico.
Ronald E. Young


Poster Sessions

Operational Sequence Stratigraphy for 3D Reservoir Modeling of Seminole San Andres Unit, Permian  Basin, West Texas
M  D. Sonnenfeld, T.  P. Wingate, H  Meng, L. Canter & L. C. Zahm

3D Reservoir Modeling and Simulation of the Fullerton  Clearfork Unit, Andrews County, West Texas
Fred P. Wang, F. Jerry Lucia, and Stephen C. Ruppel

Discovery of the Suntura (lower Clear Fork) Field: A Carbonate Stratigraphic Trap
J.P.F. (Pat) Welch and John G. Gogas

3-D Numerical Seismic Modeling of Brushy Canyon Channels.
R. W  Wiley, J. Doruelo, K. J. Marfurt, M  Batzel, M  Gardner & S. Larson

Petrophysics of a Pennsylvanian  Virgilian Limestone in the Oklahoma Panhandle: an Interesting Study in Carbonate Petrophysics
George B. Asquith

Stratigraphic Characterization of the Yates Formation, Permian  Basin, Texas
Deanna M  Combs, Eugene M  Kim, and Susan D. Hovorka

Debris Flows and Experimantal Debris Flows or You Want To Pour WHAT In My Swimming Pool?
Sue Tomlinson Reid

Play Analysis of Major Oil Reservoirs in the New Mexico Part of the Permian Basin: A Tool for Highgrading Future Exploration  and Development Opportunities
Ronald F. Broadhead and William D. Raatz

Play Analysis of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian  Basin, West Texas
Shirley P. Dutton, Eugene M  Kim, and Mark H  Holtz

Petrophysical Analysis and Seismic Response of Chert in the Thirtyone  Formation, West Texas
Dongjun Fu, Charlotte Sullivan, Kurt Marfurt, Amit Sandhi, Peter Wang

Unraveling Subtle Geological Features with 3D Seismic Attributes, The Dollarhide Field, West Texas.
I. C. Serrano, C. H  Blumentritt, C. E. Sullivan, K. J. Marfurt, M  Murpy

Lower Ordovician  Ellenburger Group  Collapsed Paleocave Facies and Associated Pore Network in the Barnhart Field, Texas.
Deanna M  Combs, Robert G. Loucks, and Stephen C. Ruppel

New Techniques in Fracture Imaging and Quantification: Applications in the Ellenburger Group, West Texas
L. Gomez, JF.W Gale, R.M  Reed, R.G. Loucks, S.C. Ruppel, & S.E. Laubach

Karst Versus  Burial Fluid Dissolution: A Case Study  Using Seismic Attributes
E. Charlotte Sullivan, and Kurt J. Marfurt

Application of The Global Expansion and Contraction Cycle Hypothesis as the Controlling Process  for Cycles of High and Low Stillstand of Sea Level Deposition in the Delaware Mountain Group of West Texas and New Mexico
Ronald E. Young

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