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September 2016

President-Elect: David Osterlund

What an honor to serve as your President – Elect 2017. At the time of writing this letter posted prices are bouncing between $37 to $40 a barrel. These are difficult times! Some have lost jobs, others on the verge of losing their job, both young and old are vulnerable, there is no discrimination. During these times losing a job is not a reflection of your abilities, just a victim of circumstances. As a geologic fraternity, this is the time we need to support, encourage and lift those up that are struggling – their near-term options are limited.

If you have been in this business a couple of decades I suspect you have lost a job. It is an unfortunate reality of our profession. During an interim period in my career, I had several WTGS members call, encourage and give me short term opportunities to make ends meet. Was it a pleasant time? Obviously, NO, but it was a great time of personal growth and a time of developing strong bonds with members that supported me. The friendships developed during that dark period still flourish today. These struggles forged strength in our geologic community – we are a unique, passionate breed.

On a “commercial note” – please support the activities of WTGS. The board works hard to provide educational and networking opportunities. If you have colleagues who are not members encourage them to join. Plan to attend the fall symposium. Also, say thanks by supporting the many companies that contribute time and money to our activities.

It is going to be a long year, maybe two, but prices will go up, it’s the commodity cycle. I encourage you to reach out to colleagues in need of support.


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