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January 2018

Secretary and Editor in Chief:  Bradley Benavides


As your 2017-2018 WTGS Secretary, I would like to speak for the Executive Committee in welcoming the New Year to all our great West Texas members.  Hopefully all of you are as excited as I am to see what kind of opportunities and good times are to be had this year.

It has been my pleasure to serve in various roles with the WTGS for the past two years.  Since becoming involved with WTGS I have been tasked with helping to bridge the gap between two different groups of members.  One group has decades of experience, advice and contacts that they are eager and willing to share.  The other is a group of young guns that got into a volatile industry in a very interesting time.  One of the big goals of WTGS is to try to get these two groups to interact and collaborate.  The society will need this young generation to get involved and help drive it into its next 90 years of excellence.  This same young generation has a nearly limitless resource of knowledge in what is one of the most experienced and dedicated group of professionals out there.

What I recommend to any younger members of WTGS is to seek out one of countless ways to get involved.  There are always committees in need of new members.  We just so happen to have two amazing VPs that will be happy to find you a role in a committee (Clayton Winkler and Debrah Gann).  We have an almost constant rotation of activities and events throughout the year that are made possible with the help of volunteers.  Feel free to ask any of the WTGS Executive Committee and you will find direction in where to look or What to do.

If you’ve been here for a few years (or decades) and you see a need for a volunteer or a service, don’t be afraid to ask a younger colleague or acquaintance if they would like to give it a shot.  Young geoscientists can be surprisingly receptive to be “voluntold”.  From my experience, as soon as you say yes once, volunteering becomes second nature.  It is time for everyone to get up and be proactive in utilizing what has made WTGS the premier Texas geological society.  Its people.


Bradley Benavides

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