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Ladies and Gentlemen of the WTGS, it looks like Spring has sprung! I don’t know about you, but this early Spring has me energized and ready to have a Productive year in the Permian Basin.  It looks like we will remain the hub of activity for our industry and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  We’ve got a busy Spring to look forward to in WTGS.  There are fun social activities like the Irish Whiskey tasting and the Spring Fling.  We also will be hosting Dan Jarvie for a very informative one-day short course and some great luncheons.  Go to www.wtgs.org for any event details.

For 2018-2019 I have served WTGS as your 2nd Vice President where my role has been to oversee several important committees and delegate various responsibilities.  In a nutshell, I coordinate between a group of dedicated and hardworking volunteers.  Everything from planning luncheon talks to the annual Golf Tournament or Publicity and Membership.  Our past WTGS President’s always help with Scholarships and Elections.  We just found a new Library Chair this year!  Of course, I can’t forget the Spring Fling and Fall Social we have had every year because those are always a blast.

The biggest responsibility of 2nd VP is the annual short course and it has been a relatively stress-free job with the help of our Continuing Education Chair, David Cromwell (and of course Paula, because she helps with everything). This year Dan Jarvie will be speaking on “Applied Exploration and Production Geochemistry”.  We have been wanting to get him out here for a while and are excited to have him.

My job is easy because of the group of volunteers that spearhead these committees.  Due to their dedication to the WTGS, there is little oversight involved.  They all do a great job and make life easy for WTGS board members (many of which currently serve or have served on these committees in the past and vice versa).  I am very thankful for their hard work.

My point is that if you (or anyone you know) is worried about the potential added workload of volunteering for any role in the WTGS, make sure to let them know that there is no need to be worried.  We all volunteer together and lend support to each other in any way we can.  So, flip to the next page of this book and take a look at those names at the top of the page.  Any one of those board members will be happy to help you find a place in WTGS.


Bradley Benavides

WTGS 2nd VP 2018-2019





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