Honorary Life Member Award: Rick Doehne

Honorary Life Member Award: Rick Doehne

Presented By: Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt was given the honor of recognizing an individual who has given a lifetime of community service not just to the geologic community but to the overall community.

Most everyone has gotten to know Rick Doehne from his announcements at meetings & via emails as Publicity chair both WTGS & PBS-SEPM - position served over the past 15 years.

Rick has served in various positions on the Executive committee for the last 16 years with WTGS and PBS-SEPM
Rick held various committee positions for WTGS Annual Fall Symposiums including General Chair 2008

Represented WTGS as delegate at AAPG convention 2001 to 2006

WTGFoundation as a Director and since 2010 as Treasurer

Additional community service:

Actively served local chapters
International Right of Way Association

During the 20 years Tim has known Rick, he has faithfully and regularly donated apheresis platelets to the blood bank measured bbls instead of gals.

Finally of the community activities I'm aware of are:
He volunteers at his church in the nursery and as long term treasurer.

In recognition of this community service,
The WTGS Board has awarded Rick it's highest honor. Honorary Life Membership
Recognition of time effort, talent, and contributions to sciences and professions
please join me in congratulating Rick



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