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President's Letter

President’s Letter – Judd Tudor

School’s out!  Vacation season!  Triple digit temps!  Whatever summer in West Texas means to you, I hope you get the best out of your 2024 summer months. 

At our most recent WTGS board meeting, I read off the mission statement from our society bylaws:  “The object of this Society is to advance the geology of West Texas and the surrounding region by encouraging social relations and professional cooperation among geologists, allied scientists, and geological workers residing therein.”  Thanks to encouragement from our most recent past-president, Andrew Quarles, I keep coming back to this mission statement when thinking about how to guide WTGS during the next year…. specifically social relations and professional cooperation.

The Permian Basin is the enviable golden jewel of all oilfield basins, WTI oil prices have been squarely in the $70s and $80s all year, and morale/outlook is positive – in times like these, societies like ours (and others) should be spending, reaching out, expanding, providing, and creating opportunities (for fun).  More.  More activities, more socials, more events, more networking.  That’s the plan for the year…. more.

With that being said, let us know what you want.  Consider this a “call for requests”.  If you want your society to host an event that is currently not on our long-range calendar (coming soon to, let me know.  I have ideas, the board has ideas, but we’d love to hear your ideas.  Axe throwing?  Poker tournament?  Picnic?  Live band?  Field trips?  Alligator wrestling?  Dungeons and Dragons?  There are no bad ideas (except alligator wrestling) – reach out to any of us on the board and let us know what would interest you.  This is your society, after all, I happen to have the privilege of steering the boat for you for this next year.  Looking forward to serving you.

Judd Tudor


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