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President's Letter

President’s Letter – Andrew Quarles

WTGS is 97 years old! What a history and staying power.  I want to thank all the volunteers and future volunteers who keep and will keep the WTGS relevant in supporting the geoscience community. 

I would like to raise a call to encourage entrepreneurs! Earth science and social entrepreneurs that is.  WTGS needs you and you want the support that WTGS can give you.  WTGS can help you have the biggest impact, maximize the fun, and minimize the pain as you help your earth-science community and colleagues.

WTGS will support people who want to organize and host an event for other geoscientists.  That something could be a field trip, technical symposium, whiskey tasting (thank you Jeff Bryden), a pickleball tournament (thank you Ashton Bruyere, Joshua Hardt, and Adam Ball), a bike and hike outing (thank you Oniel Wint), quiz night, Petra user group, or even a Minecraft model of the Central Basin Platform.  It could be anything that supports WTGS's mission of “encouraging social relations and professional cooperation among geologists, allied scientists, and geological workers”.

It is exhilarating and enjoyable to run an event- but it is also a lot of work.  That’s why WTGS is a great partner: we have a lot to offer.  WTGS has a great network, established events, such as the Annual Fall Symposium (Sept 19-21, Bush Center-  mark your calendars!), monthly technical lunches, and we have the indomitable Shellie Crossland to help you in communication, organization, and execution.

I got involved in WTGS and now have the privilege of serving as the president of a geologic organization in one of the world's most exciting locations for geoscience.  The Permian Basin has it all- from conventional and unconventional oil and gas, carbon sequestration, and transition fuel projects.  I’m confident that West Texas and geoscience will continue to play an outsized role in shaping the energy future for Texas, the US, and the world.

Dave Cannon, the previous president, has earned my gratitude and respect for being an excellent role model of WTGS leadership. Among his many accomplishments, I really appreciate his advocacy in community outreach and connecting with the Midland Independent School District.  With the assistance of Judd Tudor and a great team of volunteers, Dave’s leadership has positioned us well for our WTGS Annual Fall Symposium on September 19-21 at the Bush Convention Center.  Please check our website ( or email us at attendance, presenting, and volunteering information.

Andrew Quarles

Endeavor Energy Resources

2023-2024 WTGS President

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