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WTGS March Luncheon

  • March 12, 2024
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Bush Convention Center - 105 N. Main St., Midland, TX 79701
  • 85



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$25.00 Pre-Registration

$50.00 Late Registration

Sustainably Maximizing Production Recovery Through Innovative Formation Damage Treatment

As oil and gas wells age, they often encounter formation damage that reduces productivity and increases operational costs. Traditional solutions, such as bullheading chemical treatments from the surface, can provide a temporary boost in production but ultimately fail to address the root cause of the formation damage. A new, data-driven process has been developed to sustainably improve the productivity of sub-par producing oil and gas wells. This approach leverages historical experience and analytical methods to evaluate candidate selection, wellbore cleanout methods, chemical treatment selection, and retreatment methods to provide the best economic returns.

The process has been successfully applied in several field case studies, with notable results achieved compared to traditional solutions based on bull heading chemical treatments from surface. One case study involved a horizontal well in the Midland Basin, where production dropped by 50% in just 75 days after the initial completion. HCL acid was initially bullheaded down the backside of the production string, but a month after the production fell below the original levels, indicating an unsuccessful treatment. The new process was then used to conduct flow assurance evaluation, design optimization, and treatment execution. The analysis identified sulfide scaling as the cause of the restricted well flow, and an optimized chemical program was designed. A wellbore cleanout was performed, followed by individually retreating each stage with the downhole hydraulically activated system. The entire retreatment on all 68 stages was performed on a single trip, successfully eliminating all the skin damage and attaining a 100% sustained production recovery.

The novelty of this approach lies in the ability to deliver a focused treatment with the optimum chemical solution in an existing wellbore on a single trip. This significantly increases operational reliability and reduces downtime, while maximizing the budget spend and decision-making efficiency.

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