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#16-132: On the Rocks, But Still Afloat

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Table of Contents

On the Rocks, But Still Afloat

West Texas Geological Society Publication 16-132

Cannon – Geomechanical Evaluation of Permian Unconventional Reservoirs:  Chucking Out “Brittleness”
Wahlman – Fusulinid and Conodont Biostratigraphy of the “Wolfcamp Shale” in the Midland Basin, West Texas (A Progress Report)
Asquith – OGIPscf Using a Dual Porosity Method and OGIPscf Using Only RHOb Log Devonian Woodford Shale Oklahoma
Moreland – Petrophysical Techniques for Asset Evaluation in the Permian Basin
Mitchell – Characterization of the Cretaceous “Olmos” Formation in the Somerset Oil Field, South Texas
Westacott – Innovative Sidewall Pressure Coring Technology Improves Reservoir Insight in Multiple Applications
Barbato – Spectrally Dependent Fault Detection Attribute and Derivative Products:  An Application Review in Unconventional Plays
Matthews – The Fractal Clustering of Petrophysical Logs and Application Using Artificial Intelligence
Hurd – Revised Stratigraphic Framework and Sediment Gravity Flow Deposits of the Linked Cutoff, Upper Bone Spring, and Upper Avalon System
Wright – Modeling Minerals from Elements:  A Reality Check
Garcia – Reconstructing the Evolution of the Midland Basin with Chronostratigraphic Surfaces Derived from Fusulinid Biostratigraphy
Newsham – Organic Mudstone Petrophysics – A Novel Workflow to Estimate Storage & Flow Capacity
Trentham – The I-20 Corridor:  A Historical and Core Based Look at the San Andres, and SADR ROZ’s, Across the Central Basin Platform.
Bryden – Brief History of WTGS

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